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There are many wholesale bakeries, like Sara Lee, that produce cakes and biscuits on a large scale for distribution purposes. Maintaining a wholesale bakery is not that easy, as it requires the knowledge of bakery management and the maintenance of hygienic conditions for the production of bakery foodstuffs.To maintain a safe and clean bakery, it is necessary to assess your business procedures and to ensure that your employees are adequately trained. Make it a point to keep first aid kits in the wholesale bakery with a person who is well trained in first aid.

This is important for any immediate care that may be needed if anyone gets hurt by the numerous knives, mixers and equipment found in the bakery. Another important procedure is to make certain that there are no food containers around in the bakery that are used to hold chemicals; a box may accidentally fall on the next batch of bread dough. There is always a possibility of a fire occurring in a bakery, so there should be maps of evacuation routes and outside gathering places posted at intervals for the staff to learn the fire evacuation procedure. Have all electrical equipment checked frequently to make sure that the cords are free of nicks, cuts or exposed wires. And, in cases where you employ more than ten people, it is vital to complete an OSHA 200 Accident log.Wholesale bakeries naturally require many types of equipment to run successfully.

There are knives, dough mixers and mixers that help in the manufacturing process of the bakery. For the storage part of bakery items, there are many racks and trolleys for the stacking of bakery products. So the next time you happen to open a Sara Lee cake, just think of the numerous hurdles it had passed through before landing on your dining table!.


Bakery provides detailed information about bakery, bakery equipment, bakery for sale, bakery management and more. Bakery is the sister site of Wine Picnic Baskets.

By: Eddie Tobey

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