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Coffee and Caffeine The elixir of health and happiness

Coffee and caffeine go hand in hand. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. And Americans just can't think of life without a cup of rich and full-bodied delicious coffee! Coffee contains caffeine that contributes greatly to the stimulating and rejuvenating effect of coffee. Chemically, caffeine is an alkaloid belonging to the class of organic compounds called methylxanthines chiefly derived from plants. Coffee and caffeine act as potent stimulants. Caffeine contained in coffee particularly stimulates the central nervous system (brain), skeletal muscles of the heart and the respiratory systems as well as delays fatigue.

So that is why you feel so refreshed and revitalized after sipping into your cup of Joe! Coffee and caffeine variations boosts up your senses imparting a soothing effect to your frayed nerves at any point of time! The amount of caffeine actually varies according to the coffee beans and coffee blends. An Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee so you can expect a higher caffeine content in an espresso that's all the more punching and refreshing! Caffeine has a characteristicly strong and bitter taste. This bitterness adds the punch to coffee that gives you a high and helps you feel so relaxed! However, as too much of everything is bad for health so also loads of coffee and caffeine can have serious negative impacts on your overall health. So you need to restrict your caffeine intake to healthy limits.


By: Randy Wilson

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Coffee and Caffeine The elixir of health and happiness - Coffee and caffeine go hand in hand.


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