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Tortilla tale: tips from a legendary cook - Food Adventures in Cooking
Elena Zelayeta--a jolly little woman who got stuck in San Francisco as a child in 1910 with her vacationing family when the Mexican revolution broke ...

Chefs tell - natural food cooking tips - Recipe
A top natural foods culinary teacher answers your cooking questions Q How can I add flavor to tofu when I want a quick but tasty meal? A Tofu is ...

Low-carb: cooking with soul
With more and more people watching their carbohydrate intake, it appears that the low-carb revolution is here to stay. Whether you are just starting ...

French in a flash: capture the spirit of French home cooking with these easy recipes
With their penchant for potagers (vegetable gardens) and fondness for farmers' markets, the French are serious about their vegetables...

Menu for the plant-based palate - Southwest cooking recipes
Savory Burritos with Chunky Avocado Salsa|Mexican Potato Salsa Spirited and earthy, Southwest cooking is best characterized as a cuisine of complex ...

You can do it - advice on cooking - include recipes
Advice on cooking is offered. Recipes detailed include roasted tenderloin with tricolor potatoes, chicken with skillet tomato sauce, pepper poached salmon ...

A Month of Easy Meals - basics of cooking
Most people make the same few dishes for dinner every night, but it is possible to have variety and still keep preparation time to under 1 hour. Basic cooking principles to keep in mind are detailed.

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