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To store fresh-cut basil, place in a glass with stems immersed in water. Change the water occasionally. The basil will keep for weeks. Do not refrigerate.

Kitchen tragedy - child safety
December is traditionally a month filled with joyful anticipation of wonderful things to come. That will not be the case in several central Missouri ...

From our kitchen: Freezer Safety
Hot Jalapeno Jelly One of the great advantages of working in the Southern Living Test Kitchens is having the opportunity to try new food products. High ...

Family-Friendly Kitchen
Warm style and organizational finesse combine to create a room that's comfortable for all ages. Ten feet and one wall stood between a Dallas family and ...

Kitchen helpers - What's New? Small Appliances, Tools, And Gadgets
Recent studies have discovered that the kitchen is arguably the most-important room in the house, whether for families or busy singles striving to ...

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