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Ever opened your fridge in search of that chunk of beef or steak only to find out that it's not going to be enough to take care of a group of six? Don't run out to the grocer yet. There's a solution: cut the beef thinnly. There are numerous advantages to having a roast sliced sparingly.

When you shave meat like this, additional guests or family can be served when using a smaller cut. For example, if you cut one large piece of smoked turkey twice as thin as you usually would slice it, you wind up having twice the amount of sandwiches. In general, people usually use two or three slices of deli turkey for a sandwich, no matter how thin the slices. WEll shaved pork is also an easy way to cut costs for a large group of people. And if you're creating an appetizer plate or sandwich table, smaller slices give it a better look. It looks crisper, fresher and all around more appealing if the meat being used for trays is sliced thin.

Yet an additional benefit of slicing meat thin is shorter grilling times. Slice a side of ham one third as thin as usual, array the meat slices on the pan and the meat's cooking requirements will at least be cut in half. For the out of time mom, this technique results in quicker dinner preparation. If you are in a hurry, you can be sure that your meat will still cook completely, but also in a shorter amount of time.

In a deli environment, the cook will usually be able to slice your meat at no additional cost to you. but, if you have meat at home that you are slicing , be sure to take extra precautions. A very well sharpened knife and a many-pronged dividing fork should be used . If you are slicing raw meat, be sure to clean the cutting board and carving tools with an antibacterial soap. Also, make sure to properly get rid of the materials used.

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