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The Best Flavored Coffee Bean

Background of the Flavored Coffee Bean Coffee has had many colorful stories about how it was discovered. The most popular origin of coffee story is of a goat herd who noticed his usually sluggish goats cavorting around after eating the red berries from a dark green tall shrub. The goat herd took some of the berries home and tried these as well as gave some to his neighbors and monks in the nearby monastery.

The monks experimented with the berries and eventually found that scorching the beans and grinding them created a heavenly brew that was capable of keeping them alert and awake for some time. Adding Flavor to Coffee Thus coffee was discovered and developed. The flavored coffee bean is not as recent a development as you might think. In earlier times, adding nuts and spices to the coffee beverage was a norm in some cultures in the Middle East. Some even steeped the coffee beans in some flavored liquid to integrate the desired flavor instead of adding the flavor just before or while the coffee was brewed. These days, people have developed many different ways of achieving flavored coffee beans.

Usually, the flavored coffee bean is introduced to the flavor right after it has been roasted to the satisfaction of the roaster. The kind of coffee bean used for the flavored coffee bean is usually the Arabica. This is because it is milder and less acidic than other species of coffee. It is also not as bitter as the Robusta species of coffee which can be the fuller bodied coffee between the two.

Flavoring oils are usually what is used to add flavor to the flavored coffee bean. These can be any synthetic or organic flavoring oil that exist today. Which to use is dependent on the company that currently manufactures the flavored coffee bean. Due to the popularity of designer coffee and flavored coffee, having flavored coffee beans and grinding them on your own has become a novelty for many. The more popular kinds of flavored coffee beans are those which are sweet and creamy.

Examples of these are Amaretto, Hazelnut, Irish Crme, French Vanilla and many more. These flavored coffee beans can actually help manufacturers by masking the stronger flavors of the coffee that is used for most commercial items. Many manufacturers use Robusta coffee instead of the more expensive Arabica and the flavor them to mask the stronger, bitter taste. The flavored coffee bean has come a long way and is definitely here to stay.

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