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Lobster Recipes for Perfect Gastronomic Delight

Ask some of your friends, colleagues or relatives about their favorite sea food and is in the ninety nine percent cases the answer would be LOBSTER. But did you know, before twentieth century, these delicious lobsters grossly lacked culinary sophistication? Prior to 20th century lobsters were mostly the foods of the poor people in the Maritime regions. As the transportations revolutionized during this period, the people in the mainland gradually came to know about the ravishing taste of the fresh lobsters. Culinary intricacies developed surrounding lobsters. Even special types of utensils were innovated for cooking and serving of the lobsters. The result was the creation of some wonderful dishes that still retain its 19th century flavors in some of the famous sea food specialty restaurants in the USA.

If you want to taste your lobster in true American style, then you have to cook it alive and be careful of the time over which it is being boiled. However you can find different opinions with regard to the ideal boiling time of lobsters in different states. In average the boiling time is fifteen or twenty minutes for large lobsters and ten for small. The ideal boiling process involves plunging the lobster into boiling water and to continue boiling until it is tender.

Cooking lobster for too long makes it tough and dry and its delicate aroma gets destroyed. So here we offer two simple lobster recipes that are sure to appeal your taste buds and your gusts' too. The first recipe is that of lobster roll. To prepare this food you would need the flesh of one medium lobster. Boil it and mash it to get a smooth texture.

Mix in chopped lettuce, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Also add a pinch of salad oil. Now the filling is ready. Spread them over soft rolls and serve hot. This easy to prepare lobster dish makes for an ideal accompaniment for your weekend beer parties.

Your guests are sure to love the taste of these lobster rolls. If you need something wholesome you can try the lobster salads. To prepare this tasty yet simple dish you will need small to medium sized lobsters, lettuce, eggs and potatoes. Hard boil the eggs and potatoes. Take out the meat of the lobster, but leave the claws aside. Mash the potatoes and grate the egg yoke and also cut the lobster meat into small dices.

Now take all the ingredients including chopped lettuce. For added taste you can also add chopped parsley. Use generous amount of white mayonnaise so that it can bind all the ingredients properly. Season with salt and pepper. The salad is ready.

Chill it inside the refrigerator for some time. Use your creativity at the time of serving. Scoop out the cold salad and place it on a lettuce leaf and garnish with the whole lobster claw.

Also do not forget to sprinkle a little paprika powder and squeeze slight lemon juice over it before serving. Try these two lobster recipes in your forthcoming party and see how your culinary skills become the talk of the town.

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