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Cupcakes Are The Perfect Dessert For All Occasions

Trying to come up with the perfect dessert? Have you baked more cookies than Pillsbury makes dough? Have you scooped more dishes of ice cream than your aching arm could prevent? Time and time again, for birthdays and other such dessert driven events, you made the same dessert, experimented on other such treats, but have always wanted to have a sort of "go to" dessert that can be used for all occasions and never gets old and is easy, yet makes a statement and looks like time has been well-spent on them. Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for all occasions; from weddings to birthdays, from simple get-togethers to celebratory events. They seem to always be able to fit the bill, perfectly! Why is this? Because they seem to have a way of lighting up any mood, for some reason when they are brought into the room they always manage to bring smiles to the faces of those who can see them. Their shape is small, they are usually decorated in a cute fashion, there is something so light and easy about them, even the biggest calorie counter looks at these mini cakes like they are friendly treat. Their minds smartly calculate: the smaller the package the more harmless it will be and the fewer calories to consume. Cupcakes are great because they require little to no plates, depending on one's agenda and venue.

At a picnic, one may simply need napkins as crumbs that fall on the grassy ground below are harmless. In one's own kitchen a small napkin held below the cupcake can still suffice if one is on a small budget or likes to keep things as low maintenance as possible. Clean-up happens in a snap allowing more time for other enjoyable activities. They are also easy to pack up in a small Ziploc bag or box for one's guests to take home and enjoy! In addition, most local grocery stores have a plentiful supply of them on hand already. The convenience of this product is wonderful! Also, if you are lucky enough to find some that are not already decorated, you can purchase the decorating tools: frosting, sprinkles and other such items and have this be one of the many fun events at your party! This can be a great bonding experience and a memory that is quite unique, a memory that will certainly be fondly held in your guests memories for years to come.

In addition, whether one decides to make them themselves or purchase them, they are an inexpensive dessert! The low cost of these desserts, however, does not de-value their worth. They remain a fun, creative treat enjoyable by even the most conservative of souls. He or she will even be tempted like the rest of us, to lick the frosting, lick the wrapper and feel like a youthful child again.

With a cup of milk he or she may even boldly don a milk moustache smiling broadly with half eaten cupcake in hand, feeling quite satisfied and ready for the next one decorated with vanilla frosting! It is clear to see, they truly are the perfect dessert for all people and all occasions!.

Mika Hamilton runs a website about gourmet cupcake recipes, visit: http://www.cupcake-recipes.com

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