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Choosing a Catering Service

It can be overwhelming when you begin to plan any large event. How can you feed so many people? It will be a nightmare. Luckily there are people who will happily feed your crowd. Some will also happily take all your money and deliver less then desirable results.

Word of mouth is the best way to find a good caterer. Start with your friends and family, look up someone who recently got married. Find out if they had a good caterer. If that doesn't work you can ask at your company, someone may be able to give you recommendations. You can also ask some related businesses ie. florists, DJ's or the equipment rental shop.

Your scheduled venue may also be able to recommend someone good.Ask anyone who has been to a catered event recently.Next hit the phone book or internet for local caterers and check them out. Give them a call and ask some questions to get a feel for the company. Narrow down the results and then ask a few of them for estimates.

Compare the estimates and make sure they are detailed enough to give you a good idea of the total expense. You will want to discuss what exactly you want and an initial budget number. Just like mechanics, they will spend it all if you let them.There are several types of meals you may want to consider:.

Luncheons - simple food with a limited selection.Gourmet - More specialized/custom food options with creativity and a choice of cocktail, buffet or table service. More catering staff.Full Service - Planning, decor, food and services with additional catering staff.

Your contact with the service will typically be through your caterer consultant. Be sure they listen to your ideas and know exactly what you expect for your money.Once your event is booked you often will be entitled to a tasting of the scheduled menu. It is meant to be a final step before the event goes on. Not all caterers will offer this, it is expensive and will be figured into your bill.

Be sure and listen to your caterer, they do this full time and have a lot of experience with catering large events. They can assist you in putting on a great event. It is not all about the food, but excellent food service can really make your event something to remember.

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