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Chocolate by Any Other Name

While chocolate is one of the most popular flavors in the world, there are many other things that are referred to by the name chocolate, some of those things are: · In Business a multi-national chocolate food producer would be called "Big Chocolate". One of these would be Menier Chocolate was founded in 1816 as a manufacturer of chocolate pharmaceuticals in Paris, France. · In foods there are chocolate brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate chips, chocolate puddings, chocolate eggs (at Easter), chocolate fish (fish shaped chocolate), in Anchorage, Alaska there is even a chocolate waterfall, chocolate fountains (serving liquid chocolate for dipping fruits into), chocolate syrup, couverture chocolate (which is an ingredient in food), chocolate salty balls (created by the chef in South Park) and chocolate spread (a paste for bread and toast).

http://easyhomebasedbusinessopportunities.com/home-business/ · In beverages we have, chocolate liquor (smooth liquid chocolate), chocolate milk, chocolate stout (a dark aromatic malt), hot chocolate, chocolate malts and chocolate shakes. · In flavors we have mint chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and all of the fruit flavored chocolates.

· Candies include chocolate covered cherries, chocolate malted balls, white chocolate in most of your candy bars today, chocolate peanuts and of course chocolate grasshoppers. http://easyhomebasedbusinessopportunities.com/home-business/ · We have chocolate in geography, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol in the Philippines, the Chocolate Mountain range in California and the Chocolate Mountains in Arizona. · There are a few songs named Chocolate; Chocolate City, Chocolate Factory, Chocolate Genius. · There are bands, Chocolate Starfish (an Australian music group), Chocolate USA, The Chocolate Soldier (operetta), and The Chocolate Watchband from San Jose, CA. http://easyhomebasedbusinessopportunities.

com/home-business/ · We also have Chocolate gourami (a small fish), a slider cell phone-MP3 player hybrid named LG Chocolate, the young adult novel The Chocolate War, and an anime comedy named Trouble Chocolate. Regardless of what it is called, chocolate is chocolate Thank you, http://easyhomebasedbusinessopportunities.com/home-business/.

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What you Need in a Gourmet Kitchen - The best way to decide what you need in your kitchen is to first decide what it is you are going to be cooking in there.

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