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A Look At The Legend And The Legacy of Fine Cadbury Chocolates

To chocolate connoisseurs all over the world the name of Cadbury is well known and associated with fine chocolate. You will find the delicacies from the Cadbury Company in a wide variety of specialty shops, department stores, and even grocery stores. Who hasn't heard of the famous Cadbury chocolate eggs that adorn Easter Baskets? For fans of chocolate and non fans alike, the story of the beginnings of Cadbury and how it became a household name all over the world is an entertaining one. A far cry from its beginnings in the New World when it was a bitter drink loved by their elite, the confectionary type of chocolate that we enjoy today was first made in Bristol, England by Frye and Sons in the mid 1800s. By the early 20th century this company had joined with Cadbury which means that the chocolate we get from Cadbury today can be traced back to the original chocolate made and sold to chocolate lovers in Europe. Although not a well known fact to many, Cadbury created the first chocolate bar and it is probably not an exaggeration to make the claim that the chocolates from Cadbury were the basic foundation for the remainder of the chocolate makers in the world.

The reputation that Cadbury has to this day for fine chocolate goes all the way back to its founder, John Cadbury, who implemented rigid quality guidelines at the very beginning. The Cadbury Company continues to be a top chocolate maker in the United Kingdom and in addition has exploded in popularity globally over the last century. In addition to the well known Cadbury eggs the company is also well known for its quality candies and chocolate bars and even chocolate drinks and powders. Many of the chocolate creations from Cadbury have become popular as holiday candies and will no doubt continue to enjoy this popularity for many years to come.

As mentioned above the delicious chocolate creme Cadbury Easter Eggs are incredibly famous and are a part of Easter Tradition and as stated by the company these little delicacies are their number one selling creation in the first quarter of every year. If you live in the United States you may find that a great deal of the products made by the Cadbury Company aren't imported into the country. Still, you will be able to find a great assortment of their chocolate candies and chocolate bars in a wide range of candy stores and grocery stores in the U.S.

You can't go wrong giving Cadbury chocolates as a gift since they are so popular. Easter is right around the corner so why not impress your holiday visitors with a little knowledge that you learned from this article and be sure to have some fine quality chocolates from Cadbury on hand for them to experience.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as fine quality chocolate at http://www.chocolates-plus.com

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